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1. how does the organizational online mastering process work ? HOW DOES ONLINEMASTERING WORK?

Upload your recordings and receive the mastered files asap. Up to 2 revisions can be claimed. Until the whole process is completed and payment due, sound samples will be provided for confirmation. The mastering will be done with world class analog and digital studio gear. All masterfiles, DDP/CD premasters are quality checked and ready for replication and online distribution!


2. what audio formats do i have to send ? WHAT AUDIO FORMAT DO I SEND ?

Preferably WAV or AIFF files as 24bit or 32bit and the original samplerate (44.1khz to 192khz). For safer online transfer (upload or host) you might want to put the files in a ZIP or RAR archive. For postal transfer burn the files on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, or send the original CD when there's only an AUDIO-CD available. If you have more questions about audio formats and filetransfer please feel free to contact us!


3. what files and formats do i get back after the mastering is done ? WHAT FILES DO I GET BACK ?

The single mastered audio files (download), a premaster CD (quality controlled mastering grade CD-R) or a digital DDP file containing the mastered tracks with all essential codes (track id's, pauses, ISRC, UPC/EAN, CD-text) and edits. The CD-R or DDP media represent an exact blueprint for CD duplication. The DDP image will be transferred online, the physical CD-R only postal.